Monday, February 6, 2012

Practicing for Valentine's Day

It was my daughter Anna's half birthday last week, so we had a great excuse to bake!  We decided to make uber-girly, pink mini-cupcakes to share with her classmates {Yes, lucky for us, they still allow home-baked goods at her small school!}

You may remember from my previous birthday cake posts, that I am a one-cake wonder.  So of course, we made mom's chocolate devil's food cake recipe with fluffy white pink frosting.  The recipe for the cake and frosting are on the previous post, but here's few things I forgot to mention the first time.

I buy a lot of generic brands, but when it comes to cocoa powder, I always stick with Hershey's.  Spend the money.  Don't mess with chocolate!

Same story with the coffee.  I've used everything from Sanka to Starbucks in this cake, and better coffee really does make a tastier cake.

Be careful when baking small cupcakes (mini-muffin size).  The baking time was about half. 

Each batch took about 8-9 minutes to bake.

Yummm, pink.  Doesn't pink just look more delicious than white?  Also, even if you used vanilla-flavored corn syrup, add extra vanilla. 

Don't hold back on the sprinkles.  You can never have too many.

And last, but not least, always recruit help with the cleanup!

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