Wednesday, February 1, 2012

New Lunch Containers

I'm always looking for new and improved lunch box containers {since I'm packing three school lunches per day, four days per week}.   Around Christmas time, I noticed that Old Navy {of all places} started selling lunch containers.

They are available in a few different configurations, but the two that I was most excited about were the sandwich size and the dual storage snack box.  The sandwich size is compact, so it doesn't take up the whole lunch bag.  The snap-lock sides of all the containers are easy for small fingers to open and close. 

The dual-compartment snack container is great for all the small things I like to add to lunches.

I've been using these now for a few weeks, and so far I have been able to put something like veggie dip on one side and something dry like crackers on the other side without anything leaking from one side into the other.

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